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The best cocktails in Bari:

The Glorious Colonial Era

Bajan Rum Punch

Refreshing - Pleasing

We’re talking about punch: Barbados inhabitants - the Bajans - drink it like this, simply with lime juice, sugar, English-style dark rum from Barbados and nutmeg.

Jamaica Rum Punch

Refreshing - Spiced

A Jamaica version punch, strong like Jamaican people and their English-style rums: same ingredients, but it changes the spice, which in this case is pimiento.

It's Pear–Thyme Punch

Fresh - Aromatic

A Hendrick’s gin punch which in this case meets Apulian pear and thyme. For gin lovers, this is an interesting revival using this spirit.

SB Brandy Punch

Refreshing - Aromatic

Also brandy was broadly used for punch, here we suggest a slightly bitter Italian vermouth recipe balanced with an orange sweetener and completed with tea.

Grappa Punch

Fresh - Balanced

When we think about Grappa we think about the most important Italian spirit, but we offer a different and unusual way of rediscovering it, matching it with apple and balancing it with Italian vermouth, for an interesting harmony.


Basil Julep

Fresh - Herbaceous

The most famous is the Mint Julep to recall this epoch, but we like to twist it with basil so dear to Apulians, then Italian brandy, sugar and soda.

Murgia Collins

Fresh - Spiced

Territoriality in this version of the Tom Collins: same recipe but with the addition of a native Apulian thyme flavoring spirit: "u Serpudde", replacing Old Tom Gin with Hendrick's, then lemon and soda.


Strong – Balsamic

Put on your tuxedo to drink this one, among the most famous of the period, for really classy people. The recipe is with gin, dry vermouth, maraschino, absinthe and orange bitter.

Flower Power

Fresh – Scented

This drink is meant for young ladies, an attractive mix of pink grapefruit for their acid side and elderflower liqueur for their sweeter part, then gin and soda.

Brandy Crusta

Fresh – Balanced

A great bartender, Joe Santini, created this very innovative proposal for the time, flavoring brandy with maraschino, lemon, bitters and orange liqueur, creating a decoration that becomes an ingredient of the drink itself. The absolute pinnacle of the art of the barman in the 19th century.


Black Bastard

Strong – Bitter

Here’s another step-brother of ‘Count Negroni’. This time we envisioned it in Jamaica handling with a Caribbean rum. So, vermouth and bitter, strictly Italian.

Hanky Menta

Strong - Herbaceous

Our variation of the famous Bees Knees, it’s time to make business also here in the South, this drink is enriched with Apulian chestnut honey, plus Hendrick’s gin and lemon.

South Business

Fresh - Sour

Our variation of the famous Bees Knees, it’s time to make business also here in the South, this drink is enriched with Apulian chestnut honey, plus Hendrick’s gin and lemon.

Clover Club

Fresh - Fruity

Pearl necklaces, gloves, sequins and Clover Club, memorable drink that we propose as it is, with raspberry juice, gin, lemon juice, a hint of sugar. Sex and the City, sure, but in Philadelphia during the twenties.

Puglia 75

Fresco – Piacevole

This historical drink was born in Europe and became popular in America when marines returned from the WW frontline. Gin, lemon juice and sugar are shaked and melted to our Apulian ‘rosato’ wine in a local revisitation.

Hudson Old Fashioned

Strong - Embracing

To be so expensive there must be a reason, we suggest discovering this "simple" old fashioned drink, made with a great American whiskey.


Nord – Sud

Strong - Pleasantly bitter

We revisited the ‘milan-turin’ on a journey along the whole boot, an Apulian thyme spirit meets Turin’s vermouth and Milan’s bitter.


Drinkable - Pleasantly spicy

Americans drink ‘American-style’, thus with soda: from this need, the famous ‘Americano’ is born. This is our interpretation, with beer suds and Apulian hot pepper - remember, we’re in Bari.


Strong - Complex

The unusual tequila as aperitif is combined to Italian spiced products, for a biting aperitif.

20:00 in punto

Drinkable - Balanced

Good evening, what do you want to drink? I wish for a ‘citron juice’ drink.. Let me handle that! That’s how this drink with bitter, vermouth, artichoke spirit and citron juice was born. At 20 and 03 it’s already over!

Coppa Italia

Fresh - Balanced

Cups are typically Anglo-Saxon drinks, our ‘cup’ is absolutely of Italian origin, with a reference to England. So, homemade bitter, artichoke spirit and ginger soda.

Digestivo n°2

Fresh - Digestif

You ate too much, we know, Apulians culinary habits are a bit heavy. So we propose a digestive drink with Hendrick’s gin, red vermouth, cinchona spirit and the balsamic touch of mint.

Salt Drinks

Oil dip

You know an oil dip made Drink?

Twist of Mary

A journey through all the variations of the famous “Bloody Mary”.

Garden flavors

A tour in the vegetable garden of our grandparents.